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In which area of Paris can you find the most beautiful art galleries?

Every year, the great art galleries of Paris open their doors to art lovers. From Le Marais to Belleville in the north-east of Paris, you can see the works of art for free!  Le Marais, a superstar neighbourhood in Paris…

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What does a gallery owner do exactly?

A gallery owner is an art lover who sells the works of one or more painters, photographers, video artists and even sculptors in his or her gallery.  He or she may also be required to evaluate works based on his…

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What are the benefits of exhibiting in a restaurant?

The local cafe can be the best friend of aspiring painters and photographers or newcomers to the scene when it comes to exhibiting works of art. Many cafes seek out a group of artists and photographers to rotate their work…

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How to exhibit your work in a gallery?

Exhibiting your work in an art gallery is probably the most suitable way to promote your productions. Indeed, such settings tend to offer many resources so that you can sell your artwork with absolute peace of mind and at the…

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Who to call on to have an artwork appraised?

Do you want to know the price of a work of art? Whether it’s an old painting, oil on canvas, a sculpture or any other work, you can get a clear idea of its value at a given moment by…

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