In which area of Paris can you find the most beautiful art galleries?

Every year, the great art galleries of Paris open their doors to art lovers. From Le Marais to Belleville in the north-east of Paris, you can see the works of art for free! 

Le Marais, a superstar neighbourhood in Paris

There are indeed some very popular galleries in the French capital. Located behind the Centre Pompidou for years, the Daniel Templon Gallery is a place where you can discover many talents, Andy Warhol being one of the most gifted exhibited artists. The work of great international artists such as David LaChapelle and Jan Fabre can also be found there, same for great local artists such as Pierre et Gilles, Arman or the great Gérard Garouste. The Austrian artist Thaddaeus Ropac, whose gallery is located in Salzburg, is also to be found in the Parisian district. You can also find, a few steps from the rue du Temple, famous artists such as Joseph Beuys or the American artist Marian Goodman. In short, there are many galleries in the Marais district. When you spend your holiday in the capital, consider visiting the art galleries in this area. 

Saint-Germain-Des-Prés, between tradition and modernity!

You can easily notice that in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, there are both traditional and modern art galleries. Indeed, most of the modern art galleries are located in this beautiful area of Paris. You can visit for instance the Georges-Philippe and Nathalie Vallois galleries where th exhibited artists are very talented and find other great figures of modern art in this area like the gallery owner Kamel Mennour in the ruelle Saint-André. Mennour's competence led him to exhibit David LaChapelle and Larry Clark very quickly. Let's also mention the artist Frédéric Got who owns three galleries in the French capital as in Saint-Louis en l'île street and in the ruelle de Seine. 

The North-East of Paris, in its entirety!

The notion of the modern art gallery is being reworked with the establishment of various contemporary showrooms that respond to the emerging artistic development in a new neighborhood like Belleville. At the moment, the northeast district of Paris has become an energetic and active workshop of invention, bringing together many talented but also very daring artists. You can see the very famous galleries such as Bugada and Cargnel, the latter being launched in 2002. You can also visit the Marcelle Alix Gallery and the Balice Hertling Galleries which are in turn located in the Paris area. In short, young artists exhibited in the north-east of Paris are many and every one of them is very talented.

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