Art in all its forms

What is the difference between cubism and orphism?

Cubism is an artistic movement that existed between 1907 and 1914 at the initiative of Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque. It offers a conceptual distortion of reality, never abstract, but in which subjects are represented in geometric forms. There are…

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How to define hyperrealism?

Hyperrealism or photorealism is a figurative art movement that paints reality with a degree of sharpness and definition that is very similar to photographic precision but by using pictorial or sculptural techniques that make the image more vivid than a…

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How did street art become a movement?

Everyone had their definition of what street art, or urban art, is. While some people think it is the art of public places, others define it as a contemporary movement. Street art encompasses all forms of art made in the…

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What is the main specificity of a monochrome work?

If you happen to be an art lover and mainly a painter, you are probably familiar with monochrome works. However, if this type of work does not inspire you much, you should perhaps learn more about the technique it makes…

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