The ten-franc coin: one of Georges Mathieu’s most famous works

Painter Georges Mathieu was the creator of the ten-franc coin, several posters designed for the French national carrier Air France, a logo for Antenne 2, postage stamps, furniture, tapestry and jewellery. He was very famous in his time and was…

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Why were clowns the ultimate inspiration for Bernard Buffet?

People often wonder why the world-famous painter Bernard Buffet spent so much time painting clown faces, especially sad clown expressions. In fact, these paintings have reflected the existential anguish he suffered throughout his life. It is therefore a kind of…

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Arthur Van Hecke: an artist who knew how to bring out the northern landscapes

Painter Arthur van Hecke was born in the North of France, what is commonly called the Flat Country. With his eyes and his heart, he thought of translating all those feelings that tell the story of the landscapes of his…

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Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux: the official sculptor of Napoleon III

Are you curious about the world of art and especially about artists who have left their mark on their era? Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux would be of much interest to you, an artist who is known as the official sculptor of Napoleon…

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How did Marcel Gromaire develop his own artistic style?

Marcel Gromaire is an independent French painter born in Noyelles-sur-Sambre in 1892. His works have been exhibited at the Galerie Présidentielle for several years. He distinguished himself from the rest by developing his own unique style. The career of an…

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The thick and expressive paintings of Eugène Leroy

Among the great French painters who left their mark on the 1980s and 1990s with their unique brushstrokes, Eugène Leroy is an artist in his own right! His style brings to light masterpieces of abstract art that have left their…

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