How did Marcel Gromaire develop his own artistic style?

Published on : 21 February 20222 min reading time
Marcel Gromaire is an independent French painter born in Noyelles-sur-Sambre in 1892. His works have been exhibited at the Galerie Présidentielle for several years. He distinguished himself from the rest by developing his own unique style.

The career of an independent painter

Marcel Gromaire is a multi-talented artist who began by training in the free academies of Montmartre. From the get-go, he asserted himself with works revealing a depiction that stood out from the old styles. He distinguished himself by powerful canvases with geometrical forms. His works remain recognisable thanks to their austere appearance using earthy tones. However, he remained faithful to naturalism and tradition.

Since 1937, Marcel Gromaire has also been known for his sumptuous tapestries where he created pieces with a limited range of colours. However, after a trip to America in 1950, he started painting with more nuances and brighter colours.

A large list of exceptional works!

Marcel Gromaire is particularly famous for his numerous oil paintings. In total, there are about 78 works, most of which come from Dr Girardin’s valuable collection.

His work also includes a small group of watercolours which you can see in the Modern Art Museum of Paris, although their number remains small compared to the oil paintings. They are mainly Indian ink drawings on which Gromaire imposes a colour according to his own technique. The result plays perfectly on rhythm and transparency. Other works by the artist are found in notebooks where he reproduces sketches, often in black and white.

The engravings of Marcel Gromaire

In addition to drawings, Marcel Gromaire also made several engravings for the creation of which, he used plank supports. These works were produced between 1922 and 1962  and can be seen in the Bibliothèque des arts de Paris. Between 1918 and 1925, Marcel Gromairealso carved other wooden boards. However, his favourite technique was still etching. Indeed, thanks to this technique, he could produce his famous Indian ink finishes.

On the other hand, Marcel Gromaire was famous for his magnificent tapestries of unique dimensions. The Earth is one of the largest tapestries made by the famous artist. The work in question was woven by the famous Atelier de la Manufacture des Gobelins in 1938 and its size is 360 X 505 centimetres.

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