Art Techniques

How does Fran├žoise de Felice manage to convey sweetness and sorrow in her works?

Paintings full of positive or negative emotions, or a mixture of both, are the trademark of painter Fran├žoise de Felice and reflect a totally conscious choice since emotion is the first universal language of every human being. But how exactly…

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What are the main techniques used by Bernard Buffet in his various works?

It is sometimes difficult to understand the evolution of an artist or know how he or she became prominent, regardless of the artistic technique he or she uses. Bernard Buffet is one of the most famous French painters of the…

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How does light painting work?

Being a type of photo that is now very trendy on social networks, light painting attracts a lot of questioning. For professionals, light painting is an art form. Thanks to the evolution of technology, however, it has become easier to…

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Can you paint without a brush?

Experimentation has been one of the best practices to invent new ways of representing a work of art. This has given rise to new techniques and art movements that have revolutionised art and given artists the chance to paint in…

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What are the various painting techniques?

There are several painting techniques out there. These can be water-based processes such as watercolour, acrylic, gouache, ink, tempera and oil-based approaches like oil paint, and others with a different base like wax for example. Watercolour techniques Watercolour is a…

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