How to exhibit your work in a gallery?

Exhibiting your work in an art gallery is probably the most suitable way to promote your productions. Indeed, such settings tend to offer many resources so that you can sell your artwork with absolute peace of mind and at the same time ensure it becomes more widely recognised. This is easier than you think, especially when you find out you have other advantages that make your negotiations easier. Want to know what you need to do to exhibit your work in an art gallery? Read on and find out step by step!

Be specific when choosing a gallery!

Art galleries are different from each other. You don't have to test everywhere in the hope of being accepted by one of them. Look for a showroom that fits your work (if there are several, focus on them). Do your research and try to figure out how your art might fit into that particular institution. It is important to remember that the gallery ultimately wants to sell products. They need to see how you can get a satisfactory return. If you can't demonstrate how you can add value, you are unlikely to be accepted.

Be available and visible to the gallery!

You should do your best to attend the events organised by the gallery you are interested in by, for instance, following their calendar. It is at these events that you can make acquaintance with their artists and staff. Don't forget to post photos of openings, exhibitions and sign-up sheets which can all put you on the gallery's radar.

Build yourself online authority!

Google your name then browse the list of works by artists similar to yours. What is the result? It is very important that you actively manage your online career. It is crucial to have a website with all your works, their descriptions, your CV and your artist statement. It is rare that an art curator or gallery owner will find out about your work if you are not exposed in some way. That's why you need to connect with other artists and critics and why not support their work. Some galleries do not issue invitations to submit artists, and the only way to get in is to present an application. Take the time to build relationships in the art world and pay attention to the people who are close to you. Good connections can take you places you couldn't go on your own.

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