What are the benefits of exhibiting in a restaurant?

Published on : 21 February 20223 min reading time
The local cafe can be the best friend of aspiring painters and photographers or newcomers to the scene when it comes to exhibiting works of art. Many cafes seek out a group of artists and photographers to rotate their work on the walls, to attract new people and create an artistic and creative environment. This allows them to engage with the community while showcasing local artists, gives customers something unique to look at and, by changing artists from time to time, also gives them a reason to return to see the new work on display.

Exhibiting artworks in restaurants is a true asset!

Exhibiting an artist’s work in the local café can have many benefits. Café owners are often happy to offer a free or inexpensive place to publicly display artwork or photography. If they agree to display your creations on their walls, you will indeed be exposed to a wider audience.

Art galleries often have special hours and are limited to a certain audience and community or charge an entrance fee. Cafés, on the other hand, attract large numbers of people for free.

Selling art in restaurants

Artists who try to sell their work have a better chance of doing so if there is a larger audience. Also, there is always the possibility that a painting or other piece will attract the attention of the local media, which will make the artist and café noticed for their work in the local newspaper or news, where they can get massive exposure.

So, if you think you are ready for a café exhibition, by all means, go ahead! As with many beautiful things in life, art is in demand!

How do you get your work into cafes?

First of all, you need to look for a local café and thus avoid the big chains like Starbucks, Caribou Coffee, Dunkin’ Donuts, etc. These corporate giants don’t have the time or the resources to do it. These corporate giants will not display your work. Instead, look for popular coffee shops that don’t have a storefront. Make a list of cafes in your area and visit them in person to make sure you like the atmosphere of the place and that the latter is a good place for your artwork to stand out and why not contribute to that atmosphere.

Then talk to the manager, which is also best to do in person. It’s easy for a busy boss or owner to ignore an email or say they’ll call you back, but a face-to-face meeting is much more likely to lead to a positive response. And the response will usually depend on your timing. Don’t bother him or her when there is a long queue for the barista or when the café is busy or crowded. Find him when business is a little quieter. Also, some businesses are friendlier than others, so if you are rejected, don’t take it personally.

Finally, keep in mind that the café may want something in exchange for hanging or selling your work on their walls. It is not uncommon for them to take a percentage of the profits from the sale of your work. Remember that it will always be cheaper to exhibit your work in a café than in your local art gallery.

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