Who to call on to have an artwork appraised?

Do you want to know the price of a work of art? Whether it's an old painting, oil on canvas, a sculpture or any other work, you can get a clear idea of its value at a given moment by asking a professional for an appraisal. Here is where to get a reliable price valuation?

Get an appraisal online!

It is now possible to request a free appraisal online. This is the case, for instance, with the online art gallery estades.com where you can obtain remote expertise, regardless of your geographical location. The advantage of this procedure is that you do not need to travel and carry your work of art with you and that all the procedures are done entirely online. The principle is simple: you go to the platform, fill in the form provided and give all the details of the work in question. Then you attach a few photos taken on different profiles to the request. The professionals study your request and send you a reply, generally within 48 hours. You will then have an idea of the value of your object.

Have a work of art appraised in an art gallery!

Appraisals in art galleries are also very common. A gallery owner is able to carry out a more detailed and precise study of your painting. He or she also knows the main actors of the art market. This makes it easier for him or her to obtain a certificate of authenticity, which is an essential document for the sale. He or she also has a complete set of equipment to make a fair and reliable assessment. If necessary, he or she can even come to your home to carry it out. In any case, instead of putting the work up for auction, it is more advantageous to entrust it to a gallery owner who usually offers a more attractive rate than an auctioneer.

Ask an auctioneer for an appraisal!

For a more detailed assessment, it is possible to ask the auctioneer to come to your home. This step is also necessary if you want to have a certificate of authenticity. Of course, in this case, the service is not free. To avoid disappointment, make sure you know how much the auctioneer's commission will be before the valuation begins. If you are satisfied with the appraisal, you can entrust him or her with the sale of your painting, sculpture or any other form of artwork. Finally, you can call on an art dealer who usually knows how to value artists and paintings. The only drawback of this method is that you will have to take the painting to him or her to be examined. If he or she is interested in your object, he or she may offer you a price lower than its real value. It is therefore best to make a comparison before reaching a decision.

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